Put your best face forward! Minimal effort to bring about maximized results can be achieved by regular at home care backed up by regular monthly facials. All facials include the face and neck. Both areas are cleansed for the type; mature, dry, reactive, combination and are treated for the condition. Deep cleansing by cleansing oils and toners lift out deep debris. Exfoliations by the use of Glycolic or Lactic acid peels are included in most facials at no extra charge. When committed to on a monthly basis, micro-dermabrasion is available for only a $20.00 more!

Hydration comes next in the form of application of properly selected moisturizers. They are then massaged into the face, neck, décolleté and shoulders. Oils and a mask that suite the skin condition are applied. Hand, scalp or feet massage at no extra charge during this part of the facial treatment enhance the total relaxation process. Steam towels and a firming mask complete the service. Relaxation is so complete you will not want the service to be over.

Facials may seem like a luxury that you cannot afford but they can be an incredible tool to help rejuvenate your skin. This is not just some unattainable luxury. At Journey Guidance, you are going to get a facial that will change your life. We have affordable treatments that will allow you all of the incredible benefits that facials offer. When you understand all of these benefits, you will know just how important a facial can be for your mind, body, and spirit. Let’s take a look and see why you need to invest in yourself and getting a facial.

It is recommended that you get a facial every month. These treatments are not only incredibly relaxing but they are also make your skin look and feel great. Facials can help to cleanse the skin. This is possible because facials will remove the toxins from your skin that are caused by dirt, pollution, and grease. They can also reduce and overabundance of something called sebum, which is a substance that naturally moisturizes the skin. When you get too much of this substance, you will run into problems like blackheads and acne. It can also remove the dead skin cells from your face as well as firming up the facial skin. Facials can improve the circulation in your face, which gives you that healthy glow people are willing to pay a fortune for. This is also responsible for giving you a more youthful look to your skin. As far as the emotional benefits go, facials help to relax you and give you a feeling of contentment after getting a treatment.

When you get a professional facial here at Journey Guidance, you will get a highly trained professional that will use exactly the right products to make your skin come alive. Everyone is different which means that people have their own individual skin type. Some people have sensitive skin. Some people have mature skin. There are people with reactive or combination skin. We can help treat all of these. Our facials treat your face and neck area to give you that amazingly refreshed look that you have been looking for. If you commit to getting monthly treatments, we will also offer a micro-dermabrasion for just $20 more. We select the moisturizers that will best suit your specific skin type and proceed to massage it onto your face, neck, shoulders, and décolleté. After a special mask is placed on your skin, you will receive a massage on your scalp, feet, or hands while this mask is working its magic on your skin.

It is about time for you to invest in yourself. What better way to do this than getting an incredible skin treatment that will make you feel invincible? You should not underestimate just how great you will feel after getting a great facial. You will walk away looking younger and having a healthy glow to your skin. Best of all, you will walk away feeling completely relaxed. This will give you the rejuvenation that will make you want to take on the world.