Haircut Tyler TXAt Journey Guidance your hairstyle is designed not only for your features, but for your personality and lifestyle. Scissors, razors and electric clippers are all tools used to design your personalized cut. Whether you select blow-dry or add the use of a curling iron, all finish work is designed to have a minimum of labor for your upkeep.

Whether color is to be used for fashion, fun or grey coverage, the most current techniques and products are employed. Balayage, foiling, and corrective color as well as color mapping techniques put the crowning touch on your already fabulous cut and style.

Color brings vitality and life to every style. From accents to full color each color selected is found within the iris of the eye. The body truly holds the secrets to your personal beauty best that wait to be found. Current color techniques enhance all cuts and styles.


Hair styles Tyler TXWhen lift, curl, wave or smoothing are required to enhance your cut, techniques and products used are always of benefit. Perm contains no thyoglycolic acid, assuring your hair’s condition is better after the service than before.

Perms are never out of style, just harder to spot due to the constant improved chemical technology. Non-thyoglycolic perms are all that are used here. These products produce a large workable shape with great memory for style versatility.

Due to the high carcinogenic potential of Brazilian Blow outs for client and stylists, This chemical service is not offered at Journey Guidance.

Preparations I offer for your hair include demineralizing which removes mineral buildup due to well water and leaching from copper pipes. This enables all recoloring and retexturing services to process appropriately without inhibitors or over-processing.

Some people think that getting your hair done is a luxury that cannot be afforded. However, getting your hair done is so much more than just getting a simple haircut because your hair is too long. Your hair defines you to the public. It is a way to display not only trends but your personality. It is not just getting a haircut or getting your hair dyed, it is something that you need to do in order to take care of yourself. For the ultimate hair professionals in Tyler, TX, come visit us at Journey Guidance. We will not only change your hair but we will also change your life.

Hair Care Tyler TXThere are so many reasons why you should trust a trained professional like a stylist at Journey Guidance. First of all, we know exactly what products are going to make your hair look and feel great. We can also advice you on hairstyles if you are uncertain as to what you want to do with your hair because we are experts and can help you pick the right hairstyle to accentuate your features. You may want to be a part of the pixie trend, but your features may not look as good with this cut. You could go for an option like a pixie bob, which gives you the best of both of these worlds. A professional can point you in the right direction. This is just as important for a new hairstyle as it is for any big event that you may need to get dolled up for. Getting regular haircuts can keep your look freshened up and prevent things like split-ends, which can really do a lot of damage to your hair.

You are also going to feel better about yourself when you walk away from a hair salon after getting your hair styled. This will give you a boost of confidence that will make you feel like you can take on the world. An improved appearance can also make a huge difference in your career. A person who is always well-groomed is perceived as someone who is confident and successful. If you have felt stagnate in your career, a nice hair makeover could be exactly what you need to start moving forward in your life. Plus, when you get your hair done you are taking time out for yourself. This is a recharge that most people may not want to admit that they need, but everyone needs a little “me” time here and there.

Do not underestimate how important taking some time out to get your hair done is for you. It is great for you physically, emotionally, and even professionally. It can also save you time when you choose a low-maintenance option that allows you to leave the house earlier. If you feel like your hair is holding you back, a visit to Journey Guidance is in order. Our full-service salon offers everything that you could possibly want to get your hair looking perfect. Contact us today.