Body & Eyebrow Waxing


From brows to toes, full body waxing is available for women and men. Each wax service is performed in private wax room with the utmost of professionalism. Numbing cream is available for purchase and can be applied up to 30 minutes prior to waxing for best numbing potential.

Berins Blue wax is perfect for the face, neck, underarms, bikini and Brazilian waxing. This wax allows for flexibility without being brittle or breaking, as well its ability to be applied at low temperature that minimizes irritation.


This amazing wax is a hybrid of cream and gel. It also is a low temperature wax that is gentle on the skin. Perfect for speed waxing! It leaves the skin smooth and hair free.

One of the biggest annoyances in the world is how to take care of your unwanted hair. Shaving and plucking are processes that people do not really enjoy. Shaving may not leave you smooth for long, requiring you to keep up with it on a daily basis. Plucking is excruciating as you can only pull one hair out at a time. This is exactly why waxing is a great solution for you. There are a great deal of benefits that you can get from waxing. Here at Journey Guidance in Tyler, TX you can get full waxing services for both men and women.

Waxing is a highly effective way to remove a lot of hair at one time. It also lasts a much longer time than doing something like shaving to remove hair. When you get waxed, hair may not regrow for anywhere between 2 to 8 weeks. If you continue with waxing treatments, you may notice that the hair that regrows is a lot finer than it was before waxing. Waxing will make the areas a lot smoother than they would be if you had opted to shave the area. Through waxing, you are able to avoid the painful nicks and cuts that you experience from shaving. Finally, you will not have to suffer from irritations that you often have to after shaving like red bumps and a minimized risk of getting ingrown hairs.

At Journey Guidance, you can get amazing waxing services from your brows to your toes. This full-service waxing takes place in a private room and both men and women can take advantage of these incredible services. If you are sensitive to pain or worried about getting a wax because of pain, you can purchase numbing cream from us that we can apply up to 30 minutes prior to your waxing appointment. We use a product here called Berins Wax. This wax is the perfect wax for treating the face, bikini, neck and underarms as well as Brazilian waxes. What makes it so unique is that it offers flexibility without being brittle or breaking. It can also be applied at a lower temperature, which helps to minimize irritation from waxing services. It is a hybrid of a gel and a cream, helping this wax to be very gentle on the skin. Berins Wax also allows for a faster waxing session, allowing you to get back to your life a lot smoother than when you came in.

People often are fearful of waxing because of the pain. When people get waxing services at Journey Guidance, they are getting an experience unlike any other. Our unique wax choice helps minimize the pain of waxing and leaves your skin a lot smoother. Waxing is a great way to remove unwanted hair and keep it away for a longer time. Once you try waxing here, you will want to come back every time for these services. If you are interested in waxing, contact us today to book an appointment or if you have any other questions that need to be answered.